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Brain training game «Vertical Shift»

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When handling certain cases, you need to fully concentrate in order to do it most efficiently. We have already written about the importance of concentration (linking). But sometimes we have to drastically change the direction of our activities and solve various tasks that are practically unrelated to each other. Then it can be difficult to switch from one of them to another and fully concentrate, because mentally we still continue to perform the previous action.

It turns out that such a quality as switching attention is as important as its concentration. Especially if you occupy a managerial position, and during the day you receive information from different employees and on various issues.

Switching of attention is a mental process during which a person, in connection with setting a new goal, consciously transfers attention from one channel of information to another as quickly as possible or changes the course of his actions, while maintaining the clarity of execution.

We invite you to develop shifting attention with the help of our online game "Vertical shift". You will need to compare the previous shapes with the next ones and see if they match in color and shape. Depending on the level achieved, it will be necessary to give a certain number of correct answers. This is an exciting and challenging task, and you do not have much time!

We are sure that our attention shift game will help you develop this quality and successfully apply it in real life.

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