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Our experts have created this training program with a focus on thinking development. It contains exercises for the development of cognitive functions of the brain, which are critical for thinking processes. Such as memory, attention, analysis, synthesis, etc. It increases thinking speed and other thinking capacity.

How it works

Due to thinking, a person cognizes the essence of objects and phenomena, reveals regular connections and relationships between them. Thinking gives us the opportunity to draw logical conclusions, comprehend and structure information, it stimulates memory and intelligence. One of the ways to train the brain is to do exercises for the development of thinking with B-trainika games. Game tasks cover various operations of the thinking process, stimulate the development of memory, attention and imaginative thinking, but you should remember that, as in any physical training, the regularity of classes is very important.

Why it works

It has been proven that due to brain training, it is possible to restore and build new neural connections, which opens up real opportunities for us on the path of self-improvement.If you perform a certain intellectual task for a long time, the corresponding neural pathways develop, and You start doing it better and faster. Due to this amazing property of the brain, which has received the name "neuroplasticity" in science, we have the opportunity to develop, adapt to changing conditions and improve ourselves. What works - develops!

How to train

Online brain training games

5 exercises daily


minutes per day

B-trainika will create a training program for you, including exercises to train your thinking. All our exercises are designed in the format of exciting games.

Exercises for the development of thinking include tasks for analysis and synthesis, speed of thinking, imagination, actions in the mind and others. Every day you will be offered 5 exercises to complete. The total time of classes is 15-20 minutes a day.

What will be the result

Your abilities are improving
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Thinking
  • Perception

B-trainika will constantly evaluate your results, visually demonstrating them using charts and special indicators. Practice shows that after 2 weeks of daily training memory and ability to concentrate improve, self-confidence and readiness to take on more complex intellectual tasks appear.