Brain training games:

Brain training game «Spectrum»

Have you ever met people who constantly lose something: they cannot find their keys, they do not remember where they put their mobile phone or glasses, not to mention any insignificant and small things? In fact, this is because they have problems with a mental map - an idea of the location of surrounding objects.

In addition, such people often have abrasions, bruises and even fractures, because they cannot accurately calculate the imaginary trajectory of movement. We are constantly unconsciously planning our movements. Even small children, crawling on the floor to avoid bumping into every obstacle, use this ability of the brain. What to say about the athletes! Football players, hockey players, basketball players clearly represent not only their movements, but also the response of the enemy.

The so-called spatial thinking is responsible for both planning movements and compiling a mental map - one of the functions of the brain that allows you to navigate in space and create visual images to solve various problems, both theoretical and practical. This kind of thinking is necessary for pilots, sailors, designers, architects and even fashion designers.

B-trainika offers you to develop spatial thinking with the help of the "Spectrum" online game. At the first stage of the game, you have a 3 by 3 table in front of you, in which three adjacent cells are highlighted in color. Then these cells are closed, and the arrow shows in which direction the turn will be carried out. You need to calculate mentally where the colored cells will be after all the turns, and open them. With the achievement of higher levels, the task becomes more complicated: the table itself increases, as well as the number of cells highlighted in color and turns.

If you want to develop not only spatial thinking, but also other types of it, we suggest using our special thinking development program.