Brain training games:

Brain training game «Numismatist» (n-back task)

How long does it take you to absorb and memorize new information? And how much is needed to remember and reproduce the learned material? It's very important! If you have to cram a few sentences for a presentation or report for a long time, and then also remember through the word, stuttering, then in this case it is very difficult to achieve success in the necessary business. Of course, this description is somewhat exaggerated, but it captures the essence of the problem very well.

If you're having trouble remembering new material, memory speed training can help. For this purpose, we suggest using a game for the development of memory - the online game "Numismatist". It is based on the so-called n-back or n-back task, which is one of the most popular exercises for developing cognitive functions.

In 1958, Wayne Kirchner proposed the original version of this problem to study age differences in the processing of fast information flows. Then the researchers suggested using it to develop the cognitive functions of the brain.

The essence of the n-back task was that the subject was asked to remember a number, letter or picture, compare it with the next one and indicate whether they match or not.

In the online game for the development of memory "Numismatist" you need to compare coins from different countries and different denominations. Of course, your time is limited: we develop the speed of memory! With each level reached, the task will become more difficult, over time you will learn to compare coins after two or even many more steps back. In addition, thanks to this game, you will learn a lot about each of the coins received in the game piggy bank, get acquainted with their stories, find out their real value.

Exercise every day for 15-20 minutes, and you will experience a significant change in your abilities. If you want to systematically train all the qualities of memory, pay attention to our special memory training program.