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Brain training game «Tower X»

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Do you like solving puzzles? From Rubik's cube and tags, to crosswords and sudoku, including riddles, charades and even puzzles... All of these refer to different types of puzzles that are incredibly useful for our thinking, because they develop memory, logic and increase the intellectual level in general.

But there is one particular puzzle that has never been as popular as tags or crosswords, but can be of great benefit in developing our thinking. This is the "Tower of Hanoi".

This game was invented by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas in 1883. In its classic version, three rods are given, on one of which 8 rings are strung, differing in size, while the smaller ones lie on the larger ones, forming a kind of pyramid. The task is to transfer it to the third rod, moving only one ring each time. The second rod is used as an auxiliary.

Edouard Lucas came up with a fascinating legend along with the puzzle. Allegedly in the great temple of the city of Benares there is a bronze disc, on which 3 diamond rods are fixed, one cubit high and as thick as a bee. A long time ago, the monks of this monastery were guilty before the god Brahma and angered him. Then Brahma erected three high rods, and on one of them he strung 64 disks made of pure gold in the form of a pyramid.

Once all the disks have been moved from one rod to another, the tower, along with the temple, will turn to dust, and then the world will die under the peals of thunder. But don't be upset! Scientists have calculated that even if the monks work day and night moving disks, it will take them 584 billion years.

Based on this puzzle, the B-trainika team developed the "Tower X" online game, which helps to develop memory accuracy and attention span. And also as a result of training with this game for thinking, it will be easier for you to perform actions in your mind and calculate them many steps ahead. Our game is not the classic Tower of Hanoi. You will need to first think over and enter all the disk movements, and only after that the computer itself will make them.

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