Brain training games:

Brain training game «Stargazer»

How many new words of a foreign language can you learn at a time? How many people will you remember by name after meeting? Do you remember your daily to-do list and shopping list? Is it easy for you to remember a phone number? Of course, the answers to these questions will be individual: it all depends on the type of your memory, but on average this number is known and is equal to the so-called Miller number - 7 ± 2.

Back in 1956, the American psychologist George Miller, as a result of a series of experiments, discovered the “seven plus or minus two” pattern. The scientist discovered that a person’s short-term memory can remember:

That is, a person is able to keep in mind, remember and repeat no more than 9, and often 5 elements. If there are more of them, then the brain combines them into subgroups so that there are from 5 to 9 such groups.

Of course, the amount of memory can and should be trained. B-trainika offers you to develop the amount of memory with the help of the online game "Stargazer". A certain number of stars will open in front of you for a short time. You need to have time to count them and correctly indicate the number. With each level reached, the number of stars will grow, so you will have to combine them into groups. Train your memory capacity every day, and soon you will notice that remembering more information has become much easier. In addition, with each new level

you will make a new discovery, getting closer acquainted with nebulae, planets and star clusters...

If you want to systematically train all the qualities of memory (accuracy, volume, memorization speed) and track your progress, we invite you to register and use our special memory training program.