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Brain training game "Carpenter"

How accurately can you determine the size of objects or the distance between objects? It may seem that this is not important at all, because you can use measuring instruments. But they are not always with you! In this case, the eye estimation - the ability to determine visually the size of objects, the parallelism of lines and planes, the symmetry of elements and angles, as well as the distances between objects helps us.

Throughout life, we have many times to deal with the need to apply this quality: without it, we can neither divide food into equal portions without depriving anyone at the same time, nor hang a picture straight, nor pour a liquid into a smaller volume without a trace and a supply, it will not work, not to mention more important and responsible things.

There are some professions, mastering which requires an excellent eye, and it is impossible to become a professional without this skill in them. Just imagine a hairdresser with a poor eye, or a locksmith who makes a house key for you, or a seamstress who sews a suit with not very even stitches!

And how will an artist create his masterpiece if he is not able to measure the size of the objects depicted? Then he can get something like a child: a cat is larger than a house or a tree is smaller than a butterfly. Or imagine that the driver cannot calculate the distance to the car in front.

Eye estimation is important not only itself. It promotes the development of logical thinking and strengthens the memory of a person. And since this ability is a skill, it can and should be developed.

On B-trainika you can train your eye with the help of the online game "Carpenter". The essence of the game is to cut the workpiece exactly according to the pattern that was shown to you. With the achievement of a higher level, the task becomes more complicated: you will already need to cut two or three blanks of different shapes from memory.

B-trainika team sincerely wishes you to achieve great results not only in our games, but also in real life!

Therefore, we suggest you develop systematically. To do it, register in our special brain training program. You will be able to choose the abilities you would like to develop, and monitor your progress daily in the statistics section.