Refund Policy

1 In case of issues with access to the trainers or the site as a whole, which occurred after purchasing the subscription and during its validity period, the User should contact technical support at support@b-trainika.com or via the feedback form on the Site.

2 The Contractor undertakes to take all necessary measures to resolve the issue and extend the period of paid services to the User for the duration of the malfunction.

3 If the Provider cannot restore the Site’s operation within 14 days (or other terms, as agreed with the User) from the moment the User contacts them, the User is entitled to a refund. In this case, the User is refunded a portion of the subscription fee proportional to the time from the moment of the request to the end of the subscription period. Additionally, 9% of the refund amount is deducted due to the commission associated with payment processing.

4 Refunds are not provided in the following cases:

5 Refunds are made exclusively to the User’s personal Visa/Mastercard issued by a Ukrainian bank. To receive a refund, the User, after receiving a notification from support about the inability to provide access to the full functionality of the site within the terms specified in clause 3 of this Policy, must send a corresponding request to support@b-trainika.com, indicating the card number for the refund.